you gotta test before you invest

The creative field of making things is an expensive one. There is no ctrl + Z for when things just aren't right in real life. There are no "automatic updates", "patches", "hotfixes". If you don't get it right when you release, you will have botched the whole thing.

We have all designed things that look absolutely stunning on the computer screen but after a visual mockup we realize it's entirely too small, uncomfortable or unstable. Sometimes you get it right on the first go, sometimes it takes ten or twenty mockups. We can help you out with visual mockups that are full representations of the finished thing, as well as engineering mockups that help you get everything else in order. They can be high fidelity, or low fidelity to quickly test and iterate. If you plan on getting it right, get it wrong a few times before but cheaply!

scale models

Miniatures to full size for anything

high and low fidelity

cheap and fast, or fine and detailed


test the proportions and functions


check and refine your curb appeal

tell us all about your project needs.

Don't be a stranger, now! We'd love to see how we can help you get where you need to go. Even if that means in the middle of nowhere, sleeping well, knowing that your project is getting taken care of back home.

outdoors shot around evening on a dirt road with chaparral and slightly snowy cloud covered mountains in the distance
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Design Engineering

Making sure it'll work when it's not on screen anymore

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Fixture Design

5 axis schmive axis!

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