CNC Milling / Routing

Not your dad's handheld router

This is the service that built the business. We do this a little bit differently from all other wood shops as we approach it as a metal shop would, with the same programs and toolpaths used in high production aerospace and automotive facilities. Our shop is small but has incredible output due to this advantage. From simple cutting boards to porsche shifter knobs, we can get it made for you and better than the rest.

Sheet goods and solid hardwoods are our speciality. When we engineer a cabinet, we utilize a special hidden mortise and tenon system that is nearly invisible but incredibly strong. When we engineer a solid hardwood furniture frame, we cut in all joinery on the CNC the same way the highest-end furniture can be made. We do not consider something accurate if it's not within a quarter of a millimeter, which is a thousandth of an inch.

metal shop mentality

production-focused milling

high fidelity surfaces

3d surfaces with sub millimeter detail

3d joinery

tight, sturdy joints in every use case

accuracy overkill

well fitting parts that match the digital

tell us all about your project needs.

Don't be a stranger, now! We'd love to see how we can help you get where you need to go. Even if that means in the middle of nowhere, sleeping well, knowing that your project is getting taken care of back home.

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Fixture Design

5 axis schmive axis!

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Pre / Post Processing

Not just milling, but sanding too!

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