Specialty Parts

They're our...specialty

If your shop is geared up for a certain type of production but there's a complicated multi sided CNC element or assembly your team just cannot nail down with a deadline getting closer and closer, just reach out. We will work with your designers to engineer a solution and make sure it's what you need to get your project handled.

This might be a prototype, a mold form, something too big to 3d print, a complicated to hold part, or a specialty project to handle a very specific problem in a medical environment due to say a global pandemic.

Tricky Parts

you may only have an idea of how it'll work, we can do the rest

Consulting and Design

whatever 3d data you send, we will make sure it's right.

Quick Turnarounds

Parts can often be rushed and in your hands within days.

Fast Revisions

changes to subsequent parts can be made with minimal lead time.

tell us all about your project needs.

Don't be a stranger, now! We'd love to see how we can help you get where you need to go. Even if that means in the middle of nowhere, sleeping well, knowing that your project is getting taken care of back home.

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OEM Sub-contracting

Making things for people that make things...

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Overflow Production

Your emergency go-to guy

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