Bespoke Commercial Buildouts

Your Interior Design Secret Weapon

We work with plenty of furniture and interior designers with big ideas for their clients that they might not have the shop space to carry out on their own. CALICO can help you draft, design, engineer, build and finish interior fixtures for any space you might be working on. We rely on a network of trusted contractors and colleagues that forms a swiss army knife of design/build services.

Museum and gallery spaces have used us for displays, plinths, entryway consoles and desks. restauranteurs have used us for their entire interior treatment. Architects have used us for complex full-wall CNC signage. It is a nice change from the small, highly detail parts we usually produce.


your client will think there's two of you


additional contractors can fall under our umbrella to manage


We're also designers, so nothing lost in translation


Easily check up and review progress in our shop or on site

tell us all about your project needs.

Don't be a stranger, now! We'd love to see how we can help you get where you need to go. Even if that means in the middle of nowhere, sleeping well, knowing that your project is getting taken care of back home.

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Wood Product Manufacturer: Custom Wood Products

We'll be your ghost-shop

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Wood Novelty Items & Promotional Products Manufacturing

Specializing in "how the f$#@ did they do that" projects

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